Geometry: Wordless Picture Book Lesson

Lesson: Review of Triangle Theorems
(This lesson could be used with many topics)

Essential Questions for students (objectives):
Can you explain & recognize the triangle congruence theorems?

Book: Carl Goes to Daycare
white paper

Instructional Format:
Individual Student Work

Vocabulary for a Word Wall:
Any words that appear in the theorems reviewed.

Prior Knowledge/ Possible Warm-up Activities:
Lessons describing any theorems being used. In this example SSS, SAS, etc.

Time needed:
10 minutes to introduce, the rest of the time can be done outside of class.


1) Introduction: "Read" students a Carl Book. It only has a few words at the beginning and the end, the rest of the story is told completely in pictures. I prefer reading Carl goes to Daycare, but I usually have 5-6 Carl books available for students to use for motivation.

2) Pass out the Wordless Picture Book Instruction Sheet. Go over the example given. Make sure to spell out completely which theorems or topics you expect to be addressed in the book that the students are making. It is important that students do not label their book indicating which theorem is which picture! It would be helpful if they made up a separate answer sheet with the "answers."

3) On the day the book is due, pass out the Wordless Picture Book Assessment sheet. Students will exchange books and try to guess which theorem is illustrated with each picture. Encourage students to look at their notes or text to complete this task. When they are finished, have them check their answers with the author.

Assessment (Acceptable Evidence):
Student Wordless Picture book

Attached worksheets or documents:
Wordless Picture Book Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Wordless Picture Book Assessment Sheet (pdf)

Cautionary notes/ misconceptions:

In classes where students have difficulty completing work outside the school day, I have the papers of the book already made and stapled, and I provide time after working on each theorem to let the students design their book page. I ask them to shuffle where they are located in their book and not put them in the order that I introduced them. I really have to stress to them after I read the Carl book that a book can tell a story without words, so they really need to think of how to illustrate their new learning in non-linguistic ways.


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