Horror of the Turn Key   by Hunter H.  (6th grade)

     Most people don’t remember the Turn Key or Key family.  Their house had no paranormal activity involved with it.  They had one little guest house which was home of the caretaker/turn key.  That is how my family got its last name.  The owner of the estate is the Key family.  They got their name because they worked on maps because they were the best at adding the keys or legend to the maps.

     Our family has locked and unlocked many doors and entrances in the Kay’s house.  Both of the families have lived in each house for generations.  My family hated working for the Key family.  I intend to do something about it.

     My family has made keys for many objects.  I, who had an interest for the human anatomy and reflexes that occur on certain contact points with the nerves came up with a plan.  The last of the Key family was Edward Key and once he disappears like the rest of his family I will inherit the house.  He is on the brink of death so I must act swiftly.

     My plan will not only make him suffer but be cursed in his soul.  I made a special key, a soul key and crept up into the pristine house.  I walked down the dark and frigid corridor and went into his chamber.  He was lying on his stomach with his neck at an awkward angle.  He had died but someone snapped his neck.

     Suddenly the soul key in my hand was wrenched out of my hand.  I panicked but was suddenly unable to move.  I felt something touch the back of my neck that was cold and familiar.  Lit was the soul key!  The key was thrust into the back of my neck and I collapsed.  My soul was now locked in my body even thought I was dead.  I would never see the glories of Heaven or the cruelty of Hell.


There’s Someone in the House by Katie H. (5th grade)

     It was early on a Saturday morning and a very kind family had just moved into their new house.  The two parents went to a welcoming dinner, leaving the scared 100 year old daughter home alone with just herself and her dog.  Her name was Kaylin.  She turned on the television and got a warning for a murderer on the loose.  So Kaylin followed all the procedures that she was told to do.  Then she went to bed filled with fright.  She always knew her dog slept under her bed and it comforted the dog when Kaylin put her hand under the bed to let her lick her.  The dog licked her.  Then Kaylin heard something dripping.  She went to the sink, but nothing was dripping.  She went back to bed and let the dog lick her.  Then Kaylin heard it again and checked in the bathroom, nothing was dripping.  But when she turned around, she found what was dripping.  It was her dog, bleeding on the ground.  Kaylin was filled with despair.  She was so upset.  She went back to bed to try to forget about it.  Because she was in the habit of putting her hand under her bed, she did.  But for some reason she was still getting licked.  Why is this you ask?  Humans lick too.