Halloween Trends by Sarah L. (5th grade)

     My whole life I have always loved Halloween!  I loved the costumes and the candy, the pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating, but now I have learned that other people love that stuff too!  I learned everybody’s favorite candies!  2/24 of the class like candy corn, 1/24 likes gummy bears, 2/24 like Twix, 1/24 likes Twizzlers, 1/24 likes Milky Ways, 2/24 likes Reeses, 2/24 like Hershy’s chocolate, 3/24 like Three Muskateers, 2/24 like Jolly Ranchers, 1/24 like Pixi stix, 3/24 like Butter fingers, 2/24 like Laffy taffy and 1/24 likes Snickers.  I also learned all of my class mates favorite Halloween costumes from the past.  That one was difficult, because almost everyone had the same answers.  There were answers like: marshmallows, and phantoms and devils, and vampires, but almost every anser was one of a kind.  The only ones that I heard more than once were; 2/24 were pumpkins and 2/24 were witches.  I also learned how long it takes most of the class to carve a pumpkin.  It takes 22% of the class 1 hour, 38% 30 minutes, 5% 5 minutes, 11% 2 hours, 5% 3 hours, 5% 45 minutes, 5% 20 minutes, and 5% 40 minutes.

     Finally I learned how much time my class spends trick-or treating.  2/20 of the class spend 30 minutes, 3/20 spend 3 hours, 4/20 spend more than 5 hours, 3/20 spend 2 hours, 5/20 spend 2.5 hours, 1/20 spends 20 minutes and 1/20 spends 1 hour.  Now I know that my class loves Halloween almost as much as I do!