Haunted Mansion for Sale

No Windows?   By Jada R. (5th Grade)

     How can a house have no windows?  This marvelous mansion has none, and no light fixtures either!  Around every corner it gets darker and darker and there is a ghost or tripwire around every bend.  Better bring a flashlight so you don’t end up in a cell with a freaky friend.  You might have to double check to find some of the passage-ways.  They’re all hidden in the blackness.  This mansion is a great Halloween fun-house, as long as you don’t end up where the vile and ghastly villains in the dungeon are!  You might have to find the stairs that lead to the bedrooms if you plan to live here.  Another strange thing about this place is that it is shaped like a block.  A house with no windows, no light fixtures, and it is shaped like a block.  A few more things!  You have to find the passage-ways on your own because they can’t be found with a friend, the original owners now live in the bedrooms as ghosts.  There are other ghosts here too, a ghost in every closet, complete blackness, tripwires, everywhere, and remember – no keys to the dungeon prison cells!

Price:  $1,000,000

Date built:  September 1st 2001





Haunted Mansion for Sale

by Gabi K (5th Grade)