Help Wanted - Historical Site Tour Guide

This lesson was written by Corbett Harrison.  Click here for the link to the lesson.

Click on the names below to view some outstanding student samples:

Marcos, 5th grader -   Excerpt:  "Hello humans, I hope that you will enjoy the first 5 stops of the White house. I will be touring you around the white house. My name is Buck and I am a bald eagle. I am your special tour guide that will help you see some of the most important rooms of the white house. I will tell you about me first. I live in Alaska but I wanted to visit my family here in Washington D.C. I had to get a job and I work touring people around the White House. You probably are thinking that this will be weird because I’m the only bald eagle that could talk. The government sends bodyguards to guard me so nobody tries to steal me because I’m really special..."

Samantha, 5th grader - Excerpt: "Good afternoon humans I am a cactus bee I will be your tour guide today. Today we are going to look at the beauty of the Civil Rights Memorial and its amazing history. My name is Tim and I will show you around and I will answers any questions you have today. So let’s get started, our first stop is the Granite Table. This place shows us the many commemorative people that died trying to get white people to stop with the segregation. This table is made from heavy granite and was inspired by Martin Luther King and his speech “I have a dream”..."


Ileana, 5th grader - Excerpt: "Good afternoon fest...uh I mean humans. Hope that you all have had a good day because you are going to be scared out of your wits within the darkness of Alcatraz. My name is Naomi the bobcat. Today we are at Alcatraz, I will be seeing you on the dock in 10 minutes. Have a wonderful boat ride..."