Creativity Lesson: Be Innovative!

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*This lesson coincides with section 4, be practical, from A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech.

Lesson written by: Cheryl Macy and Jill Schwartz

Grade level range: Upper Elementary

Length of time to teach lesson:    8 minutes

Overview of lesson:  Students will assess the value of a new design of chair followed by focusing on the positive of a new idea.  They will then explore a “what if” scenario by making a comic strip that answers, “What if super powers were real?”

Objectives (Learning targets) of this lesson:  Understanding that “what if” thinking can lead to innovative ideas by asking questions that by themselves may not produce practical, creative ideas, but when paired with provocative ideas can produce practical solutions.

Resources/supplies/handouts needed to teach this lesson: Rubric, What if chair picture with thoughts from section 4 of A Whack on the Side of the Head, Comic strip

Step-by-step teaching instructions for the lesson: 

1)  Look at chair picture and write down three impressions about its value
2)  Read backside of picture sheet
3)  Write down three positives uses for chair
4)  Explain comic strip “what if” (what if super powers were real?)
5)  Draw comic strip to show the reality of super powers. 
6)  Summarize main “what if” power point quote

Assessment: This rubric is meant as a self assessment for the student throughout the lesson to reflect on possibilities.

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Help Wanted on
Mont Vernon
This book combines history
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adorable characters to teach
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The UnderAchievers:
Woven into a fun story, this
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Writing Across the Curriculum:
The NumberFix Project


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 Wacky We-Search Reports:
A popular book on writing
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