Creativity Lesson: Get it Right!

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*This lesson coincides with part 1, the right answer, from A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech.

Lesson written by: Nancy Varner & Josh Billings

Grade level range:  2-12

Length of time to teach lesson: 10 minutes

Overview of lesson:  Students will participate in a game “Get It Right” and will earn points according to how they completed the drawing (if they drew the right answer).  Students will then compare and discuss each drawing with their opponent.  Finally, students will analyze “If you both have different drawings, then how can you both be right?”

Objective (Learning target) of this lesson:  Students will shift their paradigms of how having the right answer may or may not be the best solution by playing a game and analyzing the results.
Resources/supplies/handouts needed to teach this lesson:   Drawing cards (prepared ahead of time with various squiggles), Barrier, Review Sheet
Step-by-step teaching instructions for the lesson:

1)  Set up playing area (Two opponents with a barrier in between).
2)  Intro the “history” of Get It Right.
3)  Go over rules of the game, (complete the drawing on the card, you may not look at your opponents)  Each player has 4 cards that start with a partial squiggle or shape.  The players have one minute to "finish" the drawing.

4)  Begin game with both players turning over cards 1 at a time.
5)  Allow 1 minute per drawing.
6)  Facilitators compare the drawings and award points to each player
7)  Once all cards have been completed, do a “Big Reveal.”  (remove the barrier and show the drawings)
8)  Students compare their drawings.
9)  Analyze with the question – “How can you both win if your answers are different?”
10)  Discuss the results (players & facilitators).
11)  Review the handout
Special Notes from the creator of this lesson:  All players receive a point for each drawing regardless of how it turned out.



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