Creativity Lesson: Being Wrong is Right!

Suggested Books (paid link)

*This lesson coincides with section 9, to err is wrong, from A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech.

Lesson written by: Trish Wold and Ashleigh Potter

Grade level range: K-12

Length of time to teach lesson: 15-20 minutes

Overview of lesson: Stepping stone to a new idea!  Making mistakes is a stepping stone to a new idea. If you don’t fail, you may not try a new approach or go in a different direction that could be better. We learn from mistakes. Success leads us into a pattern, over-confident or arrogance and may create bigger problems. A miss can be a hit! We have been taught that right answers are good and mistakes/errors are bad. This is our typical mindset in our schools. We emphasis being right. We need to learn to fail intelligently and learn from it.

Objective (Learning target) of this lesson:  It’s okay to make mistakes and we learn from making them.

Resources/supplies/handouts needed to teach this lesson:  Highlights website, index cards – little activities that have mistakes, rubric

Step-by-step teaching instructions for the lesson:  

Choose a card/task:

1)   Draw a beautiful picture…from a scribble (a mistake)

2)   Play 20 questions

3)   Play Simon Says


5)   Find the mistake (Highlights website)

6)   Hidden Picture – find the pictures hidden in a picture

Assessment:  Students complete this rubric after the lesson.  It is meant as a self-assessment.

Special Notes from the creator of this lesson:  Activities can be easily changed. Teachers can make mistakes on purpose and share that with the students. Oops, I made a mistake.

Book Cover

Help Wanted on
Mont Vernon
This book combines history
and mathematics with
adorable characters to teach
kids about the many talents
of the first U.S. President.

Book Cover

The UnderAchievers:
Woven into a fun story, this
book provides excellent
math lessons for kids.  

Writing Across the Curriculum:
The NumberFix Project


Book Cover

 Wacky We-Search Reports:
A popular book on writing
across the curriculum.