Math Tourist: Ferry the Passengers

Essential Questions for students (objectives):  How can we use all four operations to solve real-world problems?

Supplies:  video (length - 1 min), note-maker

CCSS:  4.OA.3, Math Modeling, TEKS: 4.4H, 4.5A, Applying Math to Everyday Life

Vocabulary:  Port of call, disembark, tender, ferry
Time needed:  20 minutes +
Instructional Format: Video, student problem-solving, group or individual work

Lesson Description: There are many ways to use this video in your math class.  I filmed it with the express purpose of modeling a problem that uses all four operations with a consideration of the meaning of a remainder in a real-world context.  I want students to model and solve real world problems that have many decision points throughout.  Students may question if a “trip” is to the boat and back or just one way; however, students need to consider that a tender has to return to the boat to pick up more passengers for debarkation.  (Note: there are some vocabulary terms explained in the video that may need more direct teaching).

1) You can show this video (1:00) at the beginning of a unit on problem solving with all four operations as a hook that will keep the students interested in learning about the unit.  You can have them work on the problem at the end of daily lessons (or once a week) armed with new knowledge that they are exploring in class.  Students use the note-maker to help record their problem-solving work.  Or you could revisit the video at the end of the unit as a formative check to see what the students have learned about using all four operations and whether they can apply that knowledge.

2) You could show this video as a warm-up activity after the students have learned some problem solving with a four operations.  It is a great way to show context to these types of problems.

Extensions:  If each trip of the boat takes 35 minutes, how long would it take to disembark all the passengers and then bring them back to the boat?

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