Math Tourist: Laying Brick in Early Boston

Essential Questions for students (objectives):  How can you use patterns to solve real-world problems?

Supplies: video (length 0:54), note-maker
CCSS:  4.OA.5, MP Look for repeated reasoning, TEKS:  4.4H Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate math ideas.
Time needed: 10-20 minutes 
Instructional Format: Video, student problem-solving, group work

Vocabulary for a Word Wall: English Bond pattern, stretchers, headers

Lesson Description: There are many ways to use this video in your math class.  First of all, I did film it for a 4th  grade class, but you can use it any time that you are working with applications of multiplication or extending patterns into three dimensions.   The purpose of this lesson is for students to use analyzing and extending patterns in a real-world setting and persevere in problem-solving.  In addition, students must visualize how many bricks are in each layer when you can’t specifically see the individual bricks.  Looking at shapes in this manner, can build the skills necessary to visualize nets in the future.

1) You can show this video (0:54) at the beginning of a unit on multiplication and patterns as a hook that will keep the students interested in learning about the process.  I would pause the video during the question phase for students to add to their note-maker or discuss possible ways to solve.  Or you could revisit the video at the end of the unit as a formative check.

2) You can use this video to introduce analyzing and extending patterns and using/developing simple equations. 

Extensions:  Can you create an equation or pattern for continuing the English Bond pattern for laying brick with any size wall with any height?

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