Math Tourist: A Rose Grows in Portland

Essential Questions for students (objectives):  How can you use operations to solve problems?

Supplies:   video (length 0:55), note-maker
CCSS:  5.NBT.5, 4.OA.3, MP #1, 8 TEKS: 4.4 C,D  Problem-solving & Applying Mathematics 
Instructional Format: Video, student problem-solving, group work
Time needed: 10-20 minutes 


Lesson Description: There are many ways to use this video in your math class.  First of all, I did film it for a 4th or 5th  grade class, but you can use it any time that you are working with applications of multiplication.   The purpose of this lesson is for students to use analyzing and extending patterns in a real-world setting and persevere in problem-solving. 

1) You can show this video (0:55) at the beginning of a unit on multiplication and patterns as a hook that will keep the students interested in learning about the process.  I would pause the video during the question phase for students to add to their note-maker or discuss possible ways to solve.  Or you could revisit the video at the end of the unit as a formative check.

2) You can use this video to introduce solving problems involving multiplication. 

Extensions:  If each rose plant requires 5 gallons of water a month, how much water does the garden need to survive in one month?  How much water would the garden need in a year?

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