Children's Literature and Math

Using literature is a wonderful way to explore and deepen math concepts.  There are many books that have math lessons already built in; however, you can also look at children's literature in new ways which can connect math to other subject areas and be a catalyst to encourage student writing.  Below is a list of books in which I (or respected colleagues) have written lessons and the math topics that they address.  Just click on the title of the book to access the lesson.  Enjoy!

Name of Book Grade Level(s) Math Topics Addressed
Book lesson: How Many Feet in the Bed? 3, K-2 Creating tables/equations, skip counting
Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend 1-3 Data collection
How Big is a Foot? 2-3 Attributes used for Measurement
Book lesson: Estimating "Inch by Inch" 3-5 Estimation, measuring length
Benny's Pennies 2-4 Money, adding and subtracting $1 and $0.50
Beginning Algebra: Fly on the Ceiling 5+ The Cartesian Coordinate Plane
Book lesson: How the Second Grade Got $8205.50... K-7 Financial literacy, adding and subtracting decimals
Book lesson: The Math Curse K-12 Math is everywhere, problem-solving
Book lesson: The Curiosity of Eratosthenes Leads to New Discoveries 6+ Circle Terminology, Prime Numbers, GCF
Book lesson: Tangrams and Explaining Your Work 1-12, 4-6 Writing out a solution to a math problem, Geometric vocabulary
The Under-Achievers 3 Introducing fractions in all representations, equivalent fractions


Book Cover

Help Wanted on
Mont Vernon
This book combines history
and mathematics with
adorable characters to teach
kids about the many talents
of the first U.S. President.

Book Cover

The UnderAchievers:
Woven into a fun story, this
book provides excellent
math lessons for kids.  

Writing Across the Curriculum:
The NumberFix Project


Book Cover

 Wacky We-Search Reports:
A popular book on writing
across the curriculum.