Math Tourist: Did they Draw that Right?

Essential Questions for students (objectives):  How do you interpret visual representations that involve fractions?
Supplies:   video (length 1:00), note-maker

Time needed:  15 minutes +
CCSS: Use Precision, 3.NF.1-3, 4.NF.1, 5.NF.3  TEKS: Applying math, Communicating math, 3.3 C,E
Instructional Format: Video, student problem-solving, group or individual work 

Lesson Description: I made this video with the purpose of having students interpret a visual representation that accompanies fractions and to observe whether or not they are being used in their purely mathematical form.  Students in the younger grade levels can look at the size of the representations to see whether the labels match in comparison to all of the figures.  Students at a higher grade level may be able to interpret how the fractions are being used in comparison to the figure (i.e. not in a truly mathematical way).  Students can use this note-maker to keep track of their thinking or help them in framing their responses.

Extension:  Are fractions always used in architectural drawings in this manner?  Was this type of labeling a thing of the past?

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