Creativity Lesson: That's Not Logical - Metaphors

*This lesson coincides with Chapter 2, “That’s not logical” from A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech

 Written by: Melissa Van Peursem & Mary Garey

Suggested Books (paid link)

Grade level range: 3-5

Time: 1-2 hours

Common Core Standards:  RL.3.3  Students will be able [to create metaphors] to describe characters in a story,  RL.4.3  Students will be able [to create metaphors] to describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story,  RL.5.3  Students will be able [to create metaphors] to compare and contrast 2 or more characters in a story, settings or events in a story or drama, drawing on details and how characters interact

Supplies:  Sentence strips, drawing paper, crayons or other medium, graphic organizers, fairytale books, Shel Silverstein Books, Assessment rubric

Step by Step Lesson Description:

Intro: for video intro (approximately 1 – 2 minutes)  OR Read a favorite poem from one of his poetry books

Give/elicit students examples of metaphors using a favorite storybook or fairytale character.  Take character apart and give examples of non-literal comparisons.  Ie. How is Cinderella like a suitcase (or other comparison)?

Elicit ideas and list on smart board or chart paper, discuss.

Have students select a character (or assign one) to compare using the same process.

Work in pairs/small groups to develop comparisons using a graphic organizer (10 minutes).

Draw an example of their character metaphorically.

Present to the class.

Assessment: Use the following rubric to assess metaphors.


Book Cover

Help Wanted on
Mont Vernon
This book combines history
and mathematics with
adorable characters to teach
kids about the many talents
of the first U.S. President.

Book Cover

The UnderAchievers:
Woven into a fun story, this
book provides excellent
math lessons for kids.  

Writing Across the Curriculum:
The NumberFix Project


Book Cover

 Wacky We-Search Reports:
A popular book on writing
across the curriculum.