Constructed Response: A Framework for Teaching It

Are you pulling your hair out trying to fit teaching Constructed Response in an already too tight schedule? In this video, Regional Trainer Holly Young and Instructional Coach Debra Bareño will illustrate a framework for constructed response that will not only give you a clear and easy way to teach it, but will also show that it can be tied in with the standards for which you are already responsible. After viewing this video, you will be able to integrate the teaching of constructed response into your classroom in a simple and easy way. In fact, you'll be able to "ACE it."

The video has six sections:

  1. An Introduction to ACE
  2. ACE-ing Constructed Response in Math
  3. ACE-ing Constructed Response in Language Arts
  4. ACE-ing Constructed Response in Elementary Science
  5. ACE-ing Constructed Response in Middle School Science
  6. Conclusion

After watching the video, it will be clear that this framework may be easily adapted and used in many other classrooms and subjects.
Please note that whether or not you have chosen to watch the video, all pages referred to in this video, or that have anything to do with ACE and Constructed Response can be downloaded in pdf format. You will find them in three sections: Math, English, and science.

View the video and get accompanying materials: ACE-ing Constructed Response Video


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