Integrating The Common Core 8 Mathematical Practices Into Every Math Classroom

Lesson by Holly Young

This power-point (with voice over) describes how I have used the Common Core National Standards eight mathematical practices in my classroom.  While I am no expert on the practices, I do feel that they are critical habits of mind that all students should practice on their mathematical journey.  It has been my commitment in the classroom to teach with the practices in mind and have students become familiar with the practices themselves.  I feel that the practices shouldn’t just be a poster hanging on the wall, but the driving force behind all lesson design.  **To hear the power-point with voice over, just go to the slide-show tab and select from beginning (don't forget to make sure your volume mixer is turned on).  If you would like to pause the power-point during play click the back arrow then click the forward arrow to resume.**

Documents shown in the power-point: 

1)    The 8 practices summary sheet (word doc),  or (pdf).

2)   The 8 practices poster (individual pages for each poster) (word doc), or (pdf).

3)   Create your own icon (word doc), or (pdf).

4)   Exemplars of icons (pdf only).

5)   Daily recording your practice (word doc), or (pdf).

6)   Portfolio recording sheet (word doc), or (pdf).

7)   Portfolio sheet (word doc), or portfolio summary sheet (pdf).

8)   “Advice from a Practice” t-shirt (pdf only).

9)   Practices spinner (pdf only).

10) Math in your world assignment sheet (word doc), or (pdf).

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