Algebra 2: Vocabulary Review for Quadratic Equations

Lesson: Students use vocabulary words in writing the script for a soap opera.

Instructions to students:
Your job is to write and perform a scene of a soap opera. The basic plot of your scene is
listed below. The section number from the book is listed after scene number. In
your scene you may introduce characters and APPROPRIATE situations using the
vocabulary and main ideas from your section. Remember you need to use the vocabulary
as it means in math. In other words, you can’t name a dog triangle and have him running
around doing dog things, he would need to always turn 180 times before laying down, or
only have three legs, etc. You may also include props that have math meaning (this does
not mean having a parabola on the wall and think that you don’t have to mention it).
Your scene can use other class members than those in your group, and all of your group
members need not perform (just make sure that they were working on the script – typing,

A final copy of your script is due immediately after your performance. You must use all
vocabulary/main ideas from your section. They need to be underlined in RED.

Scene 1 (section 5.1): Mr. Para Bola and Miss. Parab LA meet for the first time.
Scene 2 (section 5.2): Mr. Para Bola and Miss Parab LA get married but the wedding
gets interrupted and they don’t marry.
Scene 3 (section 5.3): Miss Parab LA is kidnapped by evil Dr. FacTor and is taken to his
hidden tropical island.
Scene 4: (section 5.4): Miss Parab LA is rescued by C.T. Square, a private detective hired
by Mr. Para Bola. A love triangle forms.
Scene 5 (section 5.5): Miss Parab LA and C.T. Square attend an opera and Mr. Para Bola
catches them.
Scene 6 (section 5.6): Mr. Para Bola starts dating his ex-girlfriend ComPlex and both
couples go to the same restaurant and try to make each other jealous.
Scene 7 (section 5.8): Miss Parab LA walks through park and reminisces of olden days
with Mr. Para Bola. She realizes she wants Mr. Para Bola more than C.T. Square so she
finds him and they live happily ever after.

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