Math in Your World

Student Samples

Essential Question:  Where can you find examples of the math that we are studying in class happening in your world?

Time:  Students do the assignment outside of school; however, a share of 8-10 in class is very beneficial.


1)  I assigned the Math in your World assignment, once a quarter.  I have two versions of Math in your World:  The first one has the students determine what math practice their finding relates to (for more information on teaching the 8 math practices click Integrating the CCSS 8 Mathematical Practices into every math classroom) and one that does not refer to the 8 math practices.

     a)  Math in Your World with the 8 Mathematical Practices

     b)  Math in Your World

2)  I gave this assignment as homework and encouraged the students to involve family members on the search for the math we were studying in class.  Note:  the math has to occur in the student's world, so parents couldn't use how the math is used at their work.  On the day it was due, the students sat in groups of 4 and shared their findings with one another and then a "gold" medal share out to the class.  I always posted the assignments in the hallway and even had the students read one another's work as a warm-up on occasion. 

I feel that it is highly critical for students to understand that mathematics occurs everywhere and what they are learning about matters to the world!

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