Rain, Rain, go away! San Antonio, TX

Essential Questions for students (objectives):  How can you use fraction operations to solve problems?

Supplies: video (length 1:01), problem-solving note-maker
CCSS:  5.NF.6, TEKS: 5.3A, I, and K,  Math Modeling

Time needed: 40 minutes +
Instructional Format: Video, student problem-solving, group or individual work


Lesson Description: There are many ways to use this video in your math class.  I filmed it with the express purpose of modeling a fraction problem that relates to elapsed time.  The final question regarding flooding is incredibly rich because the variables and constants are not flushed out and must be researched and agreed upon.  What does it mean to flood – just reach the top or how much over the top? 

1) You can show this video (1:01) at the beginning of a unit on multiplying fractions as a hook that will keep the students interested in learning about fraction calculations.  You can have them work on the problem at the end of daily lessons (or once a week) armed with new knowledge that they are exploring in class.  Students use the note-maker to help record their problem-solving work.  Or you could revisit the video at the end of the unit as a formative check to see what the students have learned about multiplying fractions and whether they can apply that knowledge.

2) You could show this video as a warm-up activity after the students have learned some basic fraction applications and calculations.  It is a great way to show context to fractions that isn’t the same old cooking examples.

Extensions:  Research a recent flooded town or city (New Orleans, August 2016).  How long did it take to flood?  What was the rate of rainfall?  What would that amount of rainfall do in your city?

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